Fact Sheet 200

Important Resources in the USA



This Fact Sheet contains selected contact information for organizations providing HIV/AIDS services and information.



AIDS Info (US Department of Health and Human Services):
(800) 448-0440. http://www.aidsinfo.nih.gov/

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Health Information Hotline:
1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636)
1-888-232-6348 TTY(800) CDC-INFO, or (800) 232-4636; cdcinfo@cdc.gov, http://www.cdc.gov/

National Minority AIDS Council, Washington DC: (202) 483-6622

National Native American AIDS Prevention Center (NNAAPC):
(510) 444-2051, http://www.nnaapc.org/

Project Inform http://www.projectinform.org/
National HIV/AIDS Treatment Infoline, (800) 822-7422
or (415) 558-9051 in the San Francisco Bay Area or internationally

Social Security Administration – Benefits for People living with HIV/AIDS

Women Responding to Life-Threatening Diseases (WORLD), Oakland, CA: (510) 986-0340

The Centers for Disease Control maintains a database of over 19,000 service organizations in the United States dealing with HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and sexually transmitted diseases. You can search this database on the Internet at http://www.cdcnpin.org/scripts/locates/LocateOrg.asp

The web site The Body also has an AIDS Service Organization (ASO) Finder that you can find in the “Connect” section of their site http://www.thebody.com/index/hotlines.html



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