Patient Populations

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610. Women and HIV
A description of special considerations for women with HIV, including transmission, symptoms, side effects, and treatment.
[Reviewed November 30, 2014]

611. Pregnancy and HIV
A discussion of special considerations for women with HIV during pregnancy. How to protect the health of the mother and reduce the risk of infecting their newborn baby.
[Revised February 17, 2014]

612. Children and HIV
A discussion of how children with HIV are different in terms of HIV disease and treatment.
[Revised April 29, 2014]

613. Couples With Mixed HIV Status
Serodiscordant Couples
[Reviewed February 24, 2014]

615. HIV in Prisons and Jails
Considerations for prisoners with HIV
[Reviewed February 24, 2014]

616. Older People and HIV
An informational fact sheet on older people (over age 50) and HIV.
[Revised April 30, 2018]

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