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101. What is AIDS?
A description of the official definition of AIDS
[Reviewed June 7, 2016]

102. HIV Testing
A description of HIV antibody testing, when to take the test, and what test results mean.
[Revised July 23, 2014]

103. Acute HIV Infection
It is not easy to identify people with acute HIV infection. Some people have no symptoms. If symptoms do occur, several diseases like the flu might cause them. If you think you might be in the acute stage of HIV infection, tell your health care provider.
[Reviewed November 30, 2014]

105. How HIV Drugs Get Approved
The phases of research on new medications before they are approved by the FDA, and ways to use unapproved drugs.
[Revised September 26, 2014]

106. HIV Life Cycle
A diagram of the steps in the HIV life cycle.
[Reviewed April 21, 2014]

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