Strengthening the Immune System

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481. Immune Restoration
A discussion of ways to restore the immune function of people with HIV.
[Reviewed August 30, 2014]

482. Interleukin-2
A description of interleukin-2, an immune stimulator that increases the number of CD4 cells, its dosage and side effects, and its use in treating HIV.
[Reviewed May 19, 2014]

483. Immune Reconstitution Syndrome
A description of the inflammatory syndrome sometimes experienced by people starting antiviral treatment
[Reviewed August 28, 2014]

484. HIV and Inflammation
A discussion of inflammation in HIV
[Reviewed August 30, 2014]

485. Can HIV Infection Be Cured?
A discussion of research to develop a cure for HIV
[Revised November 16, 2017]

494. Recreational Drugs and HIV
A discussion of the interactions between recreational drug use and the risk of becoming infected with HIV, or having a bad drug interaction.
[Revised May 16, 2014]

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